The EU passport is a symbol of the citizens of the world. What are its advantages?

Immigration to Europe is very attractive. As long as you acquire the nationality of one of the Member States and become a citizen of the European Union, you can basically enjoy benefits within the whole Europe. The EU passport can be said to be the best passport in the world. Some people say it is a symbol of world citizens. Here is an overview of the advantages of the EU passport:

1. living freely

According to the Maastricht Treaty, holders of EU passports have the right to move and live freely in the territory of 31 European countries (including Germany, Italy, France, Finland and other 27 EU countries (excluding the United Kingdom), as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and other European countries. People can trade freely in the EU. EU passports are sought after by the rich people all over the world.

2. Work freely

EU citizens can look for jobs in other EU countries; they do not need to apply for work permit of other countries, and can enjoy the same working conditions and other social and tax benefits as local citizens.

3. Visa free

EU citizens, regardless of the nationality, can cross the internal boundaries of the EU states without border inspection. It is free to pass through EU member states without monitoring, and no need to stamp passport.Get an EU passport can also be visa free in more than 100 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

4. Educational resources

As EU citizens, children can attend schools in any EU country and enjoy the same admission conditions as local citizens of that country, including primary school、 secondary school and University; they will not be rejected by training or educational institutions in any EU country because of nationality.

5. Medical resources

As an EU citizen, you will get a European medical insurance card. With a European medical insurance card, if you need medical treatment during your temporary stay in any member country, no matter you are on holiday、on business or studying, you can get the same medical treatment as the local insured citizens without having to return to your home country.EHIC (also known as European health insurance card) is a proof of your insurance in the European Union, which facilitates payment and reimbursement.The European health card provides emergency treatment during the short stay in 27 EU countries, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the French EEA territory.

6. EU tax system

Different EU countries have different tax standards and systems for different enterprises. Holders of EU passports can freely choose the tax system and policies of enterprises according to their own needs,so as to facilitate the rational allocation of resources. Doing business within the EU allows goods to be moved freely between EU member states without paying tariffs. Having an EU passport gives you access to an EU market of 500 million people. With the trend of global taxation,it is necessary to allocate overseas assets as well as to save tax legally and reasonably. Making your plan to get an international identity is imperative.EU passport has the advantage of European multi-national status,and is the best tool for the tax planning.

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