Slovakia Investment Enterprise Permanent Residence Project/Temporary Residence Project

The Slovak Republic (Slovak: Slovenská republika), referred to as Slovakia, borders the Czech Republic in the northwest, Poland in the north, Ukraine in the north, Hungary in the south, and Austria in the southwest. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe.Slovakia is one of the countries with the largest number of castles in the world. It has many historical and cultural attractions and rich tourism resources, from ancient castle remains to well-preserved museum collections.

Slovakia is a developed capitalist country and a member of the European Union and NATO. It was listed as a developed country by the World Bank in 2006.



The Act No. 404/2011 is the general law determining the residence of foreign nationals in Slovakia.

  • Section § 43 404/2011 regulates granting of 5 years permanent residency for third country residents.

-Section § 43 404/2011(1) e)

-The police department will grant a permanent residence for five years to a third-country national if it is in the interest of the Slovak Republic.

Slovakia Permanent Residence Application Requirements:

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.

2. The applicant can provide no criminal record.

3. The applicant has investment ability.

The following information must be provide for applying permanent residence in Slovakia:

1. Scanned copy of passport

2. Scanning copy of ID card

3. 2 white background color photos (3*3.5cm)

4. Residence application form

5. Bank Deposit Certificate (above 3000 Euros)

6. Proof of no criminal record (notarization and double authentication)

Note: can apply for a 5-year permanent residence card at one time (no language test is required). After obtaining the permanent residence card, you can work and do business freely without the requirement of immigration supervision. You can apply for a naturalization passport after 8 years (language test is required).

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Slovakia entrepreneurial immigration, simply said that the project is to require to set up a company in Slovakia and meet the requirements of immigration (does not require the scale, business scope, number of staff, etc.).Cause Slovakia is one of the main countries of China’s one belt, one road program,so Slovakia would like Chinese people to do business in their country, you can get residence permits in Slovakia as long as you meet the requirements of setting up a company! The application process for entrepreneurial residence in Slovakia is very simple. No proof of asset origin is required. There are no language or academic requirements. The biggest advantage of immigration to Slovakia is that it belongs to the European Union, Schengen area, Euro countries and NATO member states.The application requirements and the renewal requirements are very low, after 5 years you can apply for permanent residence (without language test) or permanent residence in the EU, after 8 years you can apply for citizenship (need language test). If you don’t want to work but have money to do business, this project is your best choices.The disadvantage is the language barrier, if you can not speak the local language, you have to speak English at least. English is very popular in the European Union.

According to the relevant provisions of the latest amendment Residence law of foreigners by the Slovak Ministry of the interior, No. 404 / 2011, Articles 13 to 75 / 2013, any person who invests and do business in Slovakia and meets the following conditions can obtain a residence permit.

Application conditions for temporary residence in Slovakia:

1. The applicant is over 18 years old;

2. The applicant has no criminal record;

3. The applicant establishes a local company;

4. The applicant needs to provide a detailed business plan.

The following information must be provide for applying temporary residence in Slovakia:

1. Scanned copy of passport

2. Scanning copy of ID card

3. 3*3.5cm photos

4. Proof of no criminal record (notarization and double authentication)

5. Bank Deposit Certificate

6. Fill in the residence application form

Note: at present, Slovakia is generally approved with 2-year residence card, you can apply for permanent residence card after 5 years (without language test); after 8 years, you can apply for naturalization passport (need language test).

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