advantages of EU Passport. How to get one at lower cost?

Please check advantages of EU Passport! How to get an EU passport at a low cost?

The European Union (EU) was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, with the aim of establishing borderless space within member states and mutual assistance externally in the political, economic and diplomatic fields, so as to promote balanced economic and social development of member states.


The EU passport is the general name of the passport of the EU countries.The 27 member states of the European Union have agreed on the design standards for their passports, collectively known as EU passports.

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At present, the EU has 27 member states:

France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Maltese, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland, Romania.

According to the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, individuals holding the citizenship of any member state of the European Union are EU citizens. EU citizens can enjoy the benefits and rights brought by the EU, such as freedom of movement, educational resources, working environment, health care and so on.

The EU passport is one of the most coveted passports in the world. There is no border within the EU states. It is the best backup Plan B for you and your family.

At present, there are two types of the most popular passports, one is the functional passport of small country , and the other one is the EU passport. Most people choose the small country’s passports are for its low application conditions, and the immigrants do not really move to that country. EU passport provide you access to enjoy advanced education, advanced medical treatment and other benefits. Here are the advantages of EU passport:

  1. Visa free

Visa-free most countries and regions in the world. Citizens in the United States, Australia, Canada enjoy the right to travel around the world without visa, an EU passport can also let you easily get such power. You can even stay in any country in the EU without any time limit.

  1. High quality educational resources

The famous universities with first-class education quality in European countries、 opportunities for international exchange and career development、good cultural and urban environment, and high-quality life have attracted numerous international students to study in Europe. Holding an EU passport you can enjoy tuition remission in the majority of EU Member States, and can also obtain admission opportunities for advantageous majors in various countries that are not open to international students.

  1. More opportunities for development

EU citizens have the right to stay、live and work in any EU member state. European employers generally want you to be qualified to work in the EU when they hire you, rather than complete a series of visa applications for you. Therefore, an EU passport is very helpful for the future career development and also benefit your children.

  1. Top healthcare

Under current EU law, when EU citizens in any member state of the EU, they will benefit from their health care system. With an EU passport, you can enjoy the EU multi-national medical security. No matter you are on holiday、studying abroad、 business trip or retirement, you can get medical convenience.

  1. Convenient customs clearance treatment

With the deepening of globalization, international business travel is common. For busy people, it’s a waste of energy to go through customs in long lines. Holding an EU passport, you can cross the border through the exclusive channel of EU citizens in the airport, which is convenient for travel.

  1. Quality life in 31 countries

Holding an EU passport, you can freely settle down in 27 EU countries and 4 countries including Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. You can settle down in any 31 European countries if you want, enjoy the same benefit of local residents, and experience the unique life of European countries.

  1. Special business benefit

When doing business in the EU region, the goods between EU member states can move freely without paying customs duties. Having an EU passport can help you enter a big EU market with 500 million people.

8.Best tax arrangement

Due to the trend of global taxation, we should not only allocate overseas assets, but also need to save taxes legally and reasonably. EU passport is a powerful tool to arrange the best tax planning.


9. Future security

The best gift for the next generation. The world political and economic situation is changing. Get an EU citizenship to future generations can help them avoid unknown risks and get security.

10.multiple needs covered in all aspects

Children’s education, retirement, overseas investment, tax planning, asset allocation, business development, company listing… It can be said that the advantages of an EU passport are related to all aspects of life, investment, travel and even as a guarantee for future generations.

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