Immigration to Romania

Advantages of Romania immigration

Romania (Romanian: România) is located in the northeast of the Balkans in Southeast Europe. It borders Ukraine and Moldova in the north and northeast, Bulgaria in the south, Serbia and Hungary in the southwest and northwest, and the Black Sea in the southeast. It covers an area of 238391 square kilometers and has a population of 19.52 million (in 2018). Bucharest is the capital.

Romania Introduction

Romania has a long history. Its ancestors were dachians and later lived with the Romans, then formed Romanians. In Latin, Romania means “the country of the Romans”. In the 14th century, three principalities were formed successively. In 1859, the Duchy of varajia and the Duchy of Moldova merged into Romania. In 1881, it was renamed the kingdom of Romania. On December 24th, 1918, the Duchy of Transylvania merged with the kingdom of Romania, and Romania was formally unified. The people’s Republic of Romania was founded in 1947. In 1965, it was renamed the Socialist Republic of Romania. On December 25th, 1989, people overthrew the regime of the Romanian Socialist Republic under the dictatorship of Nicolas Ceausescu. Romania joined NATO on March 29, 2004 and the European Union on January 1, 2007. 

Advantages of Romanian passport:

1. Second passport for the whole family:Through donation , the donor, his/her spouse and children under the age of 18 can obtain Romanian citizenship. If add the spouse’s parents to the project, additional fee will be needed.

2. Visa-free:Romanian passport holders are free to enter more than 137 countries around the world without visa. Meanwhile, the United States, Canada and Australia have streamlined the entry process for the passport.

3. Financial security:People with a Romanian passport can transfer and hold funds at top European banks.

4. Tax optimisation:Romanian citizens are exempt from income tax, property tax, gift tax and inheritance tax.

5. European education for children :With a Romanian passport, your child can also study at European school, including the United Kingdom and Switzerland.

Romanian donated project to obtain a passport of EU citizens

Project interpretation:

By donating in Romania, the family will be granted the second EU citizenship. Citizens of any country can participate in the program and use donations to obtain Romanian citizenship. However, only professional companies approved by the Romanian government can handle the donation process to help donors obtain Romanian passports.

Based on appropriate consideration of business environment, authorized agents provide donors with the best advice on donation activities, monitor compliance with legal requirements within the Romanian donation system, and provide relevant national agencies with advice on accelerating the granting of citizenship. Donors can obtain Romanian citizenship by making financial contributions to medical operations with the theme of life extension and youth.

Application Conditions:

1. The applicant is at least 18 years old

2. Applicant can provide no criminal record

3. The applicant made a donation to the Romanian Research Center for Gene Therapy of Aging

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