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For those who apply for European immigration, a major advantage is to obtain a “Schengen residence status”. Holding the visa or residence card of any Schengen member country is equivalent to having a “European Pass”, and can freely enter and leave 26 Schengen countries.

But it should be noted that not all European countries are “Schengen countries”, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, and Croatia are not Schengen countries. With permanent residence in these countries, you cannot directly enter the Schengen countries.

Permanent residence of a country

Permanent residence of a country refers to the right of permanent residence of immigrants in the country.

Enjoy rights:

◉ enjoy the right of residence in the country without restrictions

◉ enjoy benefits other than the right to vote and be elected

◉ can travel freely in Schengen countries, but stay in other Schengen countries for no more than

3 months within half a year.

In short, holding permanent residence of a country can only enjoy the rights of the country and can not live and work freely in other EU countries.

In addition to traditional payment methods such as wire transfer and cash, we also accept new forms of payments such as cryptocurrencies.

It is through investing in enterprises to immigrate to Slovakia. Our project is based on the Slovak Act.

The specific cost is determined according to the immigration project you choose, you can contact our professional consultants to know more about it.

After immigrating to Europe, unless you directly obtain an EU passport, there are certain requirements on how to retain your “right of abode”. Applicants should pay attention to relevant policies.

You should notice whether there are requirements for residence, that is the “Immigration supervisor” we refer to. However, European countries generally have relatively loose requirements on it. For example, Portuguese immigrants have a residence requirement of 7 days per year during the period of holding a temporary residency; Irish immigrants have to land one day a year during the period of holding stamp 4.

The policies of countries like Greece and Cyprus stipulate that immigrants are not allowed to work in the locality until they have acquired their nationality, but can only start businesses. In Malta, it is allowed to find a job there, and if the parents have a job, the children’s education can get a certain discount. Portugal, Spain, Ireland and other countries can also allow immigrants to find jobs.

Similarly, holding an EU passport you can live, work, and study in any country in the EU without restrictions.

Generally, it takes about 6-9 months, and the time for immigration processing is determined according to the immigration project you choose.

Yes, you can apply for family reunion of your spouse and children after you obtain the residence permit.

The headquarter office is in Shenzhen, China. And we have offices in Hong Kong, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Austria and Netherlands.

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