Do you know that EU citizenship can enjoy these benefits?

European immigrants have set off an upsurge in the global immigration world, among which “EU citizenship” is highly sought after. It is said that EU passport is a global identity with super high gold content. So what benefits and rights can EU citizens enjoy most? The following is a summary of the benefits you can enjoy as an EU citizen:

In December 1991, the Maastricht summit of the European Community adopted the Treaty of the European Union, commonly known as the Maastricht treaty. On November 1st, 1993, the Maastricht Treaty came into force and the European Union was born. Article 8.1 of the treaty stipulates that every individual holding the citizenship of an EU member state is an EU citizen. Therefore, naturalization in the European Union is equal to immigrating to 27 countries and obtaining the option of 27 countries.

  1. As an EU citizen, you will have the right to move and live freely in the territory of EU Member States. At the same time, your family members, even if they are not EU citizens, can also enjoy the right to live.
  2. As an EU citizen, you can settle down in 31 European countries freely, such as France, Germany, Switzerland and so on; you are visa free in most countries in the world; you can enjoy the top education and medical resources in Europe; you can conduct trade and business freely in the EU. EU citizenship are sought after by the rich people all over the world.
  3. As an EU citizen, you can look for jobs in other EU countries without applying for work permit of other countries, and can enjoy the same working conditions and other social and tax benefits as local citizens. Specific medical and social security benefits can be transferred with EU citizens among Member States, and the family members of employees can also move together with them.
  4. As an EU citizen, you will have the right to move and live freely in the territory of EU Member States. Any EU citizen of any nationality can cross the internal boundaries of the EU without border inspection. It is free to move through EU member states without monitoring, and no passport stamp is required.
  5. As an EU citizen, your children can go to schools in any European Union country, including primary school, secondary school and University, and can enjoy the same admission conditions as local citizens of that country. Moreover, when you move to another EU country to work, your children can also enjoy free language education in that country, so as to help them to adapt to the local education system as soon as possible. What’s more, your child will not be rejected by training or educational institutions in any EU country because of nationality.
  6. As an EU citizen, you will get a European medical insurance card. With a European medical insurance card, if you need medical treatment during your temporary stay in any member country, no matter you are on holiday、on business or studying, you can get the same medical treatment as the local insured citizens without having to return to your home country.EHIC (also known as European health insurance card) is a proof of your insurance in the European Union, which facilitates payment and reimbursement.The European health card provides emergency treatment during the short stay in 27 EU countries, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the French EEA territory.

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